Derek A. Kobel Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Darek A. Kobel of Altieri Insurance Consultants

Derek is a Florida state licensed public adjuster with Altieri Insurance Consultants.

Derek also works as a Firefighter/Paramedic for Pinellas County, starting his service 3 years ago and enjoys his work with the Fire Department. In his capacity with Pinellas County, many times, Derek interacts with people at their worst moments when on-scene of fire calls, structural collapses, accidents, or during hurricane or other natural disaster evacuations and rescues.

With all the training and resources available to him, Derek truly is a tremendous individual who uses his skills and knowledge for the betterment of humanity as a firefighter and as a Public Adjuster.

Derek is very involved in his department, recently taking over and rebuilding the departments pre-plan program, which is a system all departments in Pinellas County use to determine who to contact in case of an emergency at a certain address. Derek also educates children at local schools annually by addressing what to do in case they encounter fire. Derek is also a part of the department’s Rapid Dive Team as a Water Rescue Diver.

Prior to working with Altieri Insurance Consultants and the Fire Department, Derek went into the Navy immediately following High School, as a Rescue Swimmer. Due to an injury, Derek cross-rated and became an Information Systems Technician on the USS Harry S. Truman, an aircraft carrier based out of Norfolk, Virginia. Derek then attended the University of South Florida, obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology.

Derek has members of his family who have been insurance adjusters for many years. His father was an insurance adjuster for over 20 years. Derek, at times, rode along with his father and saw firsthand his father’s work as an adjuster. After learning about a Public Adjuster’s role, his father began to influence his thoughts toward becoming one.

Derek quickly learned of the stellar reputation Altieri Insurance Consultants earned from other firefighters in Pinellas County and reached out to another family member in the insurance business. Derek’s uncle, the Chief Operating Officer at Altieri Insurance Consultants, who gladly welcomed Derek into the Altieri Insurance Consultants family.

Derek is excited to be with Altieri Insurance Consultants who truly makes differences in people’s lives.