Five Ways to Protect Your Home from a Hurricane

By Raymond A. Altieri, Jr, CPPA

Hurricanes are a disaster and will not be friendly to your home. The damage can destroy your  property and your emotional state; this is why as a homeowner, you need to be physically and mentally ready.

It’s not too late to get serious about your home’s disaster recovery plan, especially if you do not know what to do in case of a Hurricane. At Altieri Insurance Consultants, we can help you get prepared to protect your home through the following outlined tips:

  1. Review your insurance coverage – You may have bought an insurance policy, but you will want to make sure it is in force and provides sufficient coverage.. The first thing you need to do is review the inception/expiration dates confirming it is in effect and check the coverage amounts before you get in the path of a hurricane. Altieri Insurance Consultants can help with this step.
  2. Check essential parts of your home such as windows and doors – You must get your doors and windows sealed to protect them from flying debris and to minimize the chances of water getting in the house. You may want to install hurricane safety products over doors and windows as well. Be sure they are secure as they could actually cause damage to your home during the storm.
  3. Check fences and look for Debris in the Yard – the safety or protection of your homebegins from the exterior. Thus, your yard should be free of any loose objects and personal property that could become flying debris during the high winds increasing the chances of damage occurring to your house or that of others. Ensure that items such as furniture are evacuated from the yard before a hurricane. Inspecting a fence is also wise, making sure there are no loose posts or sections that can become wind borne.
  4. Check all the water drainage areas around your home. Since hurricanes push water forcefully, you need to ensure that your gutters and drainage lines are in proper shape to prevent obstruction or allow for proper draining of built up water away from your home. You can do this by cleaning the drainage system and ensure that your yard can slope water away from the house.
  5. Always be prepared – Have your plan in place and review it with family members. Keep all of your insurance records in one place. Include photos of items and videos, your insurance policy, other key contacts like your public adjuster, electricians, government assistance numbers, and more. Additionally, make sure you have an emergency Hurricane kit with basic supplies like food, water, toiletries, cash, and other basics to last at least 5 days. If you own a home near the ocean, be sure to follow your local and state evacuation announcements. Leave your house and lock all the windows and doors. Secure all outdoor property that might be carried away by the storm and cut away any low hanging branches hovering over your roof or close to the house.
Altieri Insurance Consultants can help protect you and your family in the event of a hurricane. We can help you through the entire process by reviewing your policy and making sure you are properly covered, assist in your emergency planning, and be your personal professional insurance adjuster in the event you need to make a claim with your provider. The insurance company has a team of professionals on their side, you should too!
Altieri Insurance Consultants has been in business for 25 years helping homeowners just like you who file a claim after a hurricane or other natural disaster. Our mission is to help insurance policyholders get their life back after disaster strikes and we have done that for thousands of clients. Let us make that happen for you and your family as well.

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