October 2020

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2020 Hurricane Recap - Near Record Storms

The 2020 Hurricane season is still going strong. Hurricane Zeta is heading towards the Gulf Coast-- which makes the 27th named storm of the season-- and the 11th potential U.S. landfall. This nearly ties the record set in 2005 of 28 named storms-- although we’ve already reached 28 storms in total including tropical and sub-tropical waves. This season has already broken tons of records-- in both storm number, and intensity. While 2005 had… View More


Steps to Recover From Water Damage in Home

Steps to Recover From Water Damage in… View More


Top 3 Ways Smoke Can Damage Your Home

Top 3 Ways Smoke Can Damage Your Home" So… View More


The Benefits Of Fixed Hurricane Shutters

In these times you can take many precautions to protect your home. Hurricanes can be violent, and when they can hurt your family and property; they cause significant damage. Hurricane shutters are a great option for added… View More


Valuable Tips for Choosing a Public Adjuster

Here are some of the elements you should look for in selecting a certified insurance adjuster: Professional credentials A public adjuster is required to be licensed by the State of Florida. Request their license information and double-check it on the state website or contact the Office of Florida’s… View More


When to hire a florida public adjuster

When should you hire a Florida Public Adjuster? Before we answer that… View More


Home Insurance Claim Preparation Guide

Guide to preparing your home for a Residential Insurance Claim A violent lightning bolt destroys your home. A barbecue accident leaves your guest injured. A burglar breaks in and harms your family. When an unfortunate event strikes close to home, you might need to file a claim with your insurance company. As part of the contract between you and your insurer, a claim against your homeowners policy comes with rules… View More


The Role of a Public Adjuster in Scope of Loss

The scope of loss: A scope of loss is a document or multiple documents and measurements that explain the amount and type of damage that has been done to your Tampa home. A scope of loss is outside the skills of your general contractor: The scope of loss represents the total damage expense including hard costs, supervision fees, overhead and profit, common and complex insurance policy… View More