September 2020

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Case Study - Commercial - Condo Association Roof Damage

87 Unit Luxury Condos Offered “Spot Repairs” - Unacceptable says Altieri.   During Hurricane Irma, a community of luxury condominiums with 87-two-and three-story buildings, had their cement tile roofs damaged.  The insurer proposed to replace only 5 of the 87 roofs and would “spot repair” the remaining roofs with the old tiles.   No spot or patch repair would be acceptable so the Board hired… View More


Florida High Rise Insurance Claims

When considering the likelihood of damage and filing an insurance claim, a Florida high rise poses its own unique risks. Hotels, condo complexes and office buildings have different issues when it comes to water, fire or other types of damage, including: Sprinkler damage: Fire sprinklers are a fantastic method for keeping people safe during a Florida high rise fire, but they can cause quite a bit of damage to… View More


Altieri Insurance Consultants Will Help You Navigate Your Commercial Insurance Claim

Florida commercial enterprises are vulnerable to devastating financial losses should there be loss like a fire, as this can bring operations to a full stop. Property owners need to act quickly to address the loss, or they will run the risk of disruption of the marketability of their products. Business owners tend to have commercial property insurance in place to set things right, but some providers will deny claims or fail to fully reimburse… View More


Hurricane Sally strengthens in Gulf

Sally closes in on New Orleans area.. At a Glance Tropical Storm Sally is expected to strengthen into a hurricane before striking the northern Gulf Coast. Sally's slow movement will result in prolonged impacts on the Gulf Coast. Life-threatening storm surge is expected, particularly in parts of southeast Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Flooding rain is a major threat from Sally on the… View More


What to Do if You Need to File a Claim:

The immediate aftermath of a storm, such as a hurricane, or other disaster can be devastating. Thankfully, Altieri Insurance Consultants is there to assist you in an effective and timely manner. We will provide immediate aid and support to you; we will also direct you with what happens next. We will analyze your insurance policy and help answer any questions you might have as a policy holder. As professional insurance adjusters, we are also… View More


Public Adjusters Calm Troubled Waters

If you are like nearly everyone in your circle of friends, chances are good you have not memorized every detail in your home insurance policy. The problem is the details are important in case your home suffers significant damage in a hurricane, fire or another natural disaster. Even if you have spent time reviewing your policy front to back, you will find it full of legal language that is often difficult for an average person to… View More


Sarasota News Outlet Picks Up Altieri Branding Change

Altieri Transco completes rebranding and expands business, now known as Altieri Insurance Consultants SOURCE Altieri Insurance Consultants Altieri Insurance Consultants is now the new name for the 25-year-old public insurance adjusting business. Along with the new branding identity, a new website was launched at TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 14,… View More


Ray Altieri III Discusses How to Avoid getting Burned when Filing an Insurance Claim

Real estate investors would like to know their Florida property is insured against unforeseen damages. The last thing any real estate investor wants to do after an emergency is argue over an insurance claim. Altieri Insurance Consultant's VP of Business Development, Ray Altieri III recently discussed how investors can avoid getting burned when filing an insurance claim on their investment property. You can find the full podcast on the Invest… View More