Water Spout

Water Spout Damage

Water spouts are an interesting weather event. Many are enamored by seeing what one could call a mini-tornado on the water. However, water spouts can be dangerous and cause damage on the water and onshore.

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2021 Hurricane Names

2021 Hurrican Names have been released. Ana kicked us off for what looks to be a busy season. Check out the full list of hurricane names.

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Roof Damage and Home Damage Checklist

Hurricanes cause damage that we know. Oftentimes homeowners think that if a hurricane is nothing big or they don't see any visible damage they don't check to be sure. Roofs are difficult to determine if there is any damage for sure. How would you know if your roof had wind damage or hail damage from a storm?

Altieiri Insurance Consultants put this list together for you to help. Give us a call if you are not sure and we would be happy to discuss some options for you.

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