Home Insurance Claim Preparation Guide

Altieiri Insurance Consultants' Guide to preparing your home for a Residential Insurance Claim. Basic steps and some tips for consideration. When should you make a claim? When might you decide to hold off? And much more from this easy to read and understand guide.

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Top 3 Ways Smoke Can Damage Your Home

Fires destroy residential/ commercial property and cause irreversible damage. It can leave lifelong injury to the people we care about, and move from item to item burning everything to a crisp. Smoke damage left unaddressed can devastate your home and its contents, and the actual fire does not necessarily have to occur in the same room.

This is why cleaning up smoke and soot quickly after a fire is so important. Smoke can act like an acid, and will eat away at different materials if left too long.

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Altieri Insurance Consultants Hurricane Matthew from Pixabay

Florida Public Adjuster Offering Commercial Insurance Claim Assistance in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew

Altieri Insurance Consultants (formerly Altieri Transco American Claims), one of the nation’s top public adjusting firms and a leader in handling insurance claims for commercial property owners in Florida, announced on Thursday that it planned to make its experienced public adjusters available for quick deployment along Florida’s Atlantic coast in the wake of Hurricane Matthew...

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