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2021 Hurricane Predictions

2021 Hurricane Predictions

Are we in store for another record year for Hurricanes like 2020?  Certainly, along with that and the global COVID-19 Pandemic we have had a pretty rough year.  As vaccines begin to be distributed and more areas are looking to reduce mandates there is optimism for sure.  As far as the 2021 Hurricane Season, early predictions are for another busy season but not to the level of 2020.  So optimistic there too!  

The outlook, which is championed by Dr. Phil Klotzbach of Colorado State University, says that there is about a 6 in 10 shot of another active hurricane season ahead.

Some key findings by experts at Colorado State indicate that a busy season but warm water in the Pacific Ocean may mean a quieter Atlantic.  This good for us in Florida!  However, this also equates to slower winds which generally produce more storms.

Here are some great resources for in-depth analysis and predictions for the 2021 Hurricane Season.

Maybe now is a good time to do a policy review?  We can help there too or ff you are impacted by a storm and need an expert to manage your Hurricane Insurance Claim contact Altieri Insurance Consultants.  

Three Great Resources include:

Colorado State University via the Weather Channel

From NPR

NOAA Video - Season to start early...

Local to Altieri - Tampa Bay Area

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