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A Pre-Storm and Post-Storm Checklist

A Pre-Storm and Post-Storm Checklist

An unfortunate consequence of living in Florida is thunderstorm and hurricane damage to property that will often impact residential and commercial real estate. This is a valid concern during hurricane season and particularly stormy periods in both July and August. The prolific nature of hurricane damage and flooding has led insurance providers to take steps regarding the nature of policies. It is important for a residential or commercial property owner to contact a certified public adjuster from Altieri Insurance Consultants to understand the complex ins and outs of insurance claims for damage caused by hurricanes.

Any Floridian understands storms are not a joke. It pays to use our helpful list of do’s and don’ts to help you prepare for the event that your home is hit by a severe storm or hurricane.


  • Buy a battery operated weather radio.
  • Put our contact number 800-934-1114 in your phone.
  • Make a video of your property inside and out, and store it in on your phone.
  • Secure all passports and important documents in a water-proof location in your home.

Do Not:

  • Forget to bring anything inside that is lighter than 100 lb.
  • Forget the best way to avoid damage is not to allow openings into your home.
  • Sign a contract with an emergency services company without seeking professional advice.
  • Sign a contract to have a restoration contractor do any home repairs without seeking advice.

Settling a storm damage claim satisfactorily with an overwhelmed insurance provider is no walk in the park. Life is upended; all storm damage is overwhelming, and the insurance company sends their adjuster to settle the claim on the spot. Many times, an offer made on their part may be incomplete.

At Altieri Insurance Consultants, we understand that a catastrophic claim is not something a property owner will deal with every day. It is natural for any business to put in place strategy to reduce expenses. Insurance companies must reduce expenses too which may not work to your advantage during a claim.

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