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Back To Back Hurricanes? It is not the First Time its Happened...

Back To Back Hurricanes? It is not the First Time its Happened...

There are currently two active storms in the Gulf of Mexico that are both expected to affect parts of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. Post Tropical Storm Marco and Hurricane Laura are only a couple of hundred miles apart from each other and will certainly create dangerous conditions for parts of the gulf coast states.

This is not the first time that two storms have synchronously churned in the warm Mid-Atlantic and Gulf waters. For example, during the record setting 2005 hurricane season; two major storms, Category 4 Hurricane Dennis and Category 5 Hurricane Emily were active at the same time early in the season (late July) as major storms. The two storms combined caused approximately 5 billion dollars in damage and greatly affected the southern tip of Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida’s panhandle. Later that year, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the City of New Orleans. The effects of those two monstrous storms still linger in the region a decade and a half later. In 2018, four simultaneous named storms were active in the Atlantic at once, including major category 4 Hurricane Florence that heavily damaged the Florida panhandle. Coinciding storms are relatively common and can greatly increase the risk that is posed to land. 

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