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Hurricane Isaias- Landfall in the Carolinas:

Hurricane Isaias- Landfall in the Carolinas:

The 2020 Hurricane Season is now entering, from a historical perspective, the most active phase of the season between the months of August and October. Just this previous week (on August 4th), Hurricane Isaias made landfall in Isle Beach, North Carolina marking the first hurricane landfall on the eastern seaboard. Isaias was a category 1 storm, producing peak winds of 85 mph, and caused over 100 million US dollars in damage. Although most of Florida was spared from most of the destruction, the largest hurricanes of the season have yet to come and they will inevitably create high levels of risk for businesses and homeowners. Altieri Insurance Consultant’s professional services can assist you both before and after the storm. We offer exceptional insurance planning solutions, crisis management resources, and claims management services. At Altieri Insurance Consultants, our goals are to assist our clients in mitigating their unique exposure(s) to risk and if damage occurs, help them receive a quick and appropriate payout.

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