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Hurricane Laura Damage

Hurricane Laura Damage

Property Damaged by Hurricane Laura?  Some quick steps to help.

  1. Continue to be safe and cautous - Life safety issues is still imperrative with many dangers not obvious.   Stay tuned into local and state government emergency announcements.
  2. Preserve evidence as much as possible - Take many photos and videos of the damanged area, try to find photos or videos of the area prior to Hurricane Laura's arrival. 
  3. Create a file and begin to document the process and include timelimes, discussions, details names, and more.
  4. Contact Altieiri Insurance Consultants for more important steps in making an insurance claim.  They are on your side as professionals that represent you on your insurance claim.   
  5. If time allows work with Altieri prior to making the claim, but they can also assist if made the claim already as well.

This can be a challenging time for you and your family.  Engaging Altieri can help reduce the stress of the entire process and make sure your voice is heard during the claims process.  You don't just have to take what they offer.  You have a say, and Altieri can help!

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