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Hurricane Laura in Retrospect

Hurricane Laura in Retrospect

Earlier this week, on August 27th, Hurricane Laura made landfall in Louisiana as a category 4 storm, packing sustained winds up to 150 mph. The powerful storm became the 10th most powerful storm (by wind speed) to make landfall in the United States of all time. Preliminary reports of insured damage for Texas and Louisiana are estimated around 8-12 billion dollars (data from CoreLogic). 

In Louisiana,which was the most hard hit state by Hurricane Laura, flooding and damage to infrastructure occurred in multiple coastal towns and cities. Storm surge in excess of 9 feet was recorded at the mouth of the Calcasieu River, 10 miles from downtown Lake Charles. Damage to homes in businesses as a direct result of the hurricane included torn off roofs, blown out windows/doors, and even structural damage. Multiple communities were left without power and/or safe drinking water. Downed trees and power lines created additional hazards including blocked roads and risk of electrocution. To make matters worse, recovery efforts were hindered or even stalled by rainfall in the days following the storm. The hurricane also affected the States of Arkansas, Mississippi, and even as far north as Tennessee. Hurricane Laura, although weaker at this point, still caused flash flooding and spawned tornadoes.

The effects of Hurricane Laura were relatively minor in Florida. Tropical storm force winds, clocked at just under 70 mph, occurred in a few south Florida counties. Although Florida was relatively spared by Laura, the devastation found only a few hundred miles west serves as a reminder of the volatility and power of hurricanes. 

Altieri Insurance Consultants is committed to helping our communities both before and after the storm. We offer comprehensive risk management solutions to help you better prepare for the storms of the future and professional insurance adjusting services after the storm passes. 

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