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Hurricane Season Ramping-Up

Hurricane Season Ramping-Up

The 2020 Hurricane Season is currently ramping up and we are now seeing some of the first major storms of the season. Currently (on July 23rd 2020), there is one named storm (Tropical Storm Gonzalo) and one numbered storm (Tropical Depression 8) in the Atlantic basin. While no major landfalls have occurred from storms of the 2020 Hurricane Season as of yet, official predictions from government officials have called for above average storm activity this season. It is no secret that these storms are incredibly powerful and can cause serious damage to homes, businesses, and property. At Altieri Insurance Consultants, we can assist our clients manage their risk/exposure before the storm as well as offer professional adjuster services in the event that an insurance claim has to be filed.

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About The Author: Raymond A. Altieri, Jr.
Raymond A. Altieri, Jr. - Chairman & CEO

As a property insurance claims professional since 1980, Mr. Altieri leads the firm at Altieri Insurance Consultants in all matters of property claim adjusting and community outreach. His decades of property claim adjusting experience assure the firm’s clients they are well represented, whether they have suffered a multi-million-dollar commercial loss or have lost their home.

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