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Reviewing and Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

Reviewing and Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

Your home insurance policy is extremely important to protecting your greatest investment and it is important to review your policy periodically. There are many reasons that you should review and understand your home insurance policy. But first, what does it mean to review your home insurance policy? Simply put, reviewing your policy means that you identify what is and is not covered by your specific policy as well as the degree of financial protection you have to see whether or not it meets your needs. 

Here are some reasons you should occasionally review your home insurance policy:

  • Changes in property value: Typically, your home’s value will change over time; generally it will appreciate in value. Your home insurance policy should reflect the current value of your home or else your policy may leave you without the proper coverage that you need. 

  • Changes in the contents of the home: When you first got your home insurance policy, you likely determined the cost of the contents of your home such as appliances, furniture, jewelry, tech products, and more. Over time, the contents of your home will likely change and your policy should be adjusted accordingly. 

  • Additions to the property: Any additions to your property such as pools/hot tubs, trampolines, playsets, and more might require changes to your homeowner’s policy in the event they are damaged or someone gets hurt using them.

  • Home safety additions: Investing in safety devices such as security lights, cameras, doors/windows, and others may allow you to qualify for discounts on your policy.

  • Pets: While your furry friend might be a great member of the family, they can also have an effect on your home insurance policy. While pets usually have no effect on your policy, some insurance agencies might charge you a premium for certain animals/breeds. 

  • Discounts: Everyone loves a discount, right? In time and as things change, you might be eligible for discounts to your home insurance policy. If you don't check your policy periodically, you might miss out!

At Altieri Insurance Consultants, we understand the value of having a home insurance policy that fits your needs. The professionals at Altieri have over three decades of experience as licensed insurance adjusters and offer a variety of services to homeowners such as: risk assessment, disaster planning, insurance planning, insurance consulting, and more. Our job is to help you select which policy would work best for your needs as well as help you understand your policy. In the event of a claim, we are here to help guide you and have your best interests as a homeowner at heart. So, if you’re ready to take a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy or if you have other questions/ concerns, please feel free to reach out to us here.

If you want to learn more about our insurance planning services, click here.

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