Meet the Team at Altieri Insurance Consultants

Raymond A. Altieri, Jr.

Chairman & CEO

As a property insurance claims professional since 1980, Mr. Altieri leads the firm at Altieri Insurance Consultants in all matters of property claim adjusting and community outreach. His decades of property claim adjusting experience assure the firm’s clients they are well represented, whether they have suffered a multi-million-dollar commercial loss or have lost their home.

Raymond A. Altieri, III


Ray is charged with the management and oversight of corporate outreach into the community as it relates to new business, as well as the forward direction of the company. Ray has been with Altieri Insurance Consultants since 2003 where he has performed a multitude of duties providing a foundation to his growth within the company during those years.

Andrew J. Altieri

Chief Financial Officer

Andy is a 1981 graduate of Lemoyne College in Syracuse, N.Y., with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. After obtaining his accounting degree and prior to joining Altieri Insurance Consultants, Andy became a trained, accomplished accountant, who practiced his craft with a multi-billion-dollar corporation for more than a decade in New York State.

Francis M. Altieri

Vice President

Francis (Frank) M. Altieri is Vice President of Altieri Insurance Consultants. Frank is a Florida State licensed Public Insurance Adjuster and is also licensed in multiple Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico states.

Raymond Penge

Director of Accounting Analytics

Raymond Penge has been with Altieri Insurance Consultants since 2018 and is our Executive Administrator. Ray’s professional skills and attributes are recognized across a wide variety of areas within the business side of Altieri Insurance Consultants. Ray received his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance from Syracuse University in May of 1979.

Kevin A. Kimball, Jr.

Director of Operations

Kevin joined Altieri Insurance Consultants in September 2017, as their lead Building Consultant, after Hurricane Irma hit Florida. Kevin immediately began writing estimates for high rise structures of clients, which sustained millions of dollars in damage. Kevin’s expertise lies within the preparation of many of our client’s building damage estimates for presentation to the insurance company.

Scott Snyder

National General Adjuster

Scott Snyder is a Florida licensed public adjuster for Altieri Insurance Consultants, who came to us in 2018 with an extensive background handling complex commercial and residential property claims throughout the State of Florida.

Matthew E. Higgins

Executive General Adjuster

Matthew E. Higgins is an Executive General Adjuster with Altieri Insurance Consultants. He is a multi-State Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster and has been with Altieri Insurance Consultants in that capacity since 2011. Matt is also an accomplished building damage estimator, recognized by an insurance industry computer software estimating giant, for that expertise.

Jason D. Pruitt

Regional Director

Jason is a Florida state licensed public adjuster and has joined Altieri Insurance Consultants to better serve the policyholders of North Florida as our Regional General Adjuster. Prior to joining the team, Jason worked in fire service for over 11 years, starting as an EMT/Firefighter, working his way up to Rescue Lieutenant.

Peter J. Sowisdral

Regional Director

Peter “Pete” Sowisdral is a licensed public insurance adjuster with Altieri Insurance Consultants and Regional Director for South Florida.

Gil Shalmon

Director of Marketing

Gil Shalmon is a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster with Altieri Insurance Consultants and is our Director of Marketing.

Joseph C. Lisi

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Joseph C. Lisi is a Florida State Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster. Joseph joined Altieri Insurance Consultants in 2005 and has been a licensed Public Adjuster since 2006. His initial work duties came during the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma. These vital past experiences gave him invaluable insight to better service our client’s needs during challenging times.

Reba Watson

Business Development Lead

Reba Watson is a Florida State Licensed Public Adjuster with Altieri Insurance Consultants. Reba has developed a passion for building relationships and educating others through the property insurance claims process. Her talents are highly suited to expand the Altieri mission into the corporate world of commercial property management.

Rachel K. Mitchell

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Rachel is a Florida licensed public insurance adjuster. She brings 18 years of insurance adjusting experience to Altieri Insurance Consultants. Licensed in 2000 as an independent field adjuster, Rachel successfully handled 1000’s of property claims nationwide for multiple insurance companies, including catastrophic large loss claims.

Zach A. Kirby

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Zach A. Kirby is a Florida state licensed public adjuster and has been with Altieri Insurance Consultants since January 2014. Zach started his tenure with Altieri Insurance Consultants adjusting personal property claims. His attention to detail, passion for helping people and ability to communicate effectively allows him to help homeowners navigate the complex insurance process.

Derek A. Kobel

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Derek is a Florida state licensed public adjuster with Altieri Insurance Consultants. Derek also works as a Firefighter/Paramedic for Pinellas County, starting his service 3 years ago and enjoys his work with the Fire Department. With all the training and resources available to him, Derek truly is a tremendous individual who uses his skills and knowledge for the betterment of humanity as a firefighter and as a Public Adjuster.

Wesley Vincent

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Wesley Vincent is a Multi-state licensed Public Adjuster with Altieri Insurance Consultants. Since joining the firm in 2019, Wes has played a critical role on client’s claims during various disaster projects throughout the State of Florida for both Altieri clients and adjuster personnel

Justin Smith

Inventory and Estimating Specialists

Justin Smith joined Altieri Insurance Consultants as a Personal Property Inventory Specialist in 2017. Justin’s energy, willingness to learn, and focus for detail, are his strengths that make him a valued employee at Altieri Insurance Consultants. His desire to succeed has elevated his skill for the opportunity to also assist in building damage estimating evaluation projects.

Daniel Peterson

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Daniel Peterson is a Florida State Licensed Public Adjuster with Altieri Insurance Consultants.