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Jason D. Pruitt

Jason is a licensed public insurance adjuster and joined Altieri Insurance Consultants in 2016 as Regional Director of North Florida.

Prior to joining Altieri, Jason worked in fire service for over 11 years, starting as an EMT/Firefighter, working his way up to Rescue Lieutenant. With this training, Jason demonstrated care and compassion, while assisting people in the worst moments of their life. This experience provides Jason with a unique perspective for the effects of catastrophe and disaster on his clients.

Jason then moved to work as an Independent Adjuster, where he handled over 1,500 property claims for 20 of Florida’s insurance companies. In doing so, Jason gained industry knowledge and experience relating to the claims handling procedures, policies, and strategies used by Florida’s insurers to handle property claims, preparing him for his current position with us.

Jason uses his experiences gained in the fire service and his knowledge from working with the insurance companies, to guide our clients through the property claim process and ensure they are receiving the maximum settlement for their claims.

Jason is married to his wife Heather. They have four children, 2 dogs, and 2 mini pigs. Jason enjoys boating and playing golf and spends his spare time making memories with his family.