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Altieri Insurance Consultants is corporately based in Tampa, Florida and provides professional services to insured property owners across the United States and in the Caribbean Islands as a Public Insurance Adjusting firm.

The professional adjusting firm of Altieri Insurance Consultants is comprised of over 30 multi-state licensed Public Insurance Adjusters whose sole function is to assist insured property owners with their property insurance claims by providing personalized, experienced adjusting expertise on behalf of those insurance policyholders. Professional representation is what property owners need when experiencing a significant property damage claim and the expert adjusters at Altieri advocate for those policyholders to the insurance companies those clients are insured by.


Plain and simple, we manage your disaster by expediting time and money. As multi-state licensed Public Insurance Adjusters, the experts at Altieri Insurance Consultants are the insured property owner’s dedicated advocate, representing the owner’s interest when they incur a significant property damage claim to their business, building, or home.

Our process provides the devastated business owner or homeowner with immediate personalized guidance on how to recover from their insurance policy–completely, quickly, and financially.  In our role, we prepare all damage and loss evaluations, merge them with complex insurance policy language, to present a comprehensive professional claim report to the insurance company, designed to positively influence the carrier towards issuing timely and fair payment to the policyholder.


Since 1988, we have led insured property owners through the loss adjustment by not allowing the claims process to become even more devastating than the damage event itself.  At Altieri Insurance Consultants, we understand the impact of catastrophic loss on those who suffer from it, because we have been in the trenches of calamity with them for over 30 years.

The experience we share through educating our clients helps people see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We become the opportunity for them to move out from underneath the black cloud, to find the silver lining in it. The Public Adjusters of Altieri Insurance Consultants provide leadership, direction, and the groundwork to professionally prepare, present, and negotiate the claim with your insurer.  It is through our precision, persistence, and professionalism that the policyholder comes through this event financially whole. 

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Industry Leadership

Over the years, Altieri Insurance Consultants associates and principles have been chosen by its peers to lead Florida’s public adjusting industry more times than anyone else.

To further demonstrate the positive impact made by Altieri Insurance Consultants adjusters for our clients, the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA), the evaluation and policy research office of the Florida Legislature, conducted a study in 2009 regarding the effectiveness of public adjusters for Florida’s property insurance consumers. The amazing result made by us, as professionals, is chronicled in the highlights of this report.


You hire Altieri because we are known for credibility, reputation, leadership, and longevity. Altieri Insurance Consultants personnel began adjusting claims in Florida in 1988.  Our documented successes for achieving thousands of amicable settlements for past clients with their insurance companies are why we have grown to be nationally recognized as a premier firm for getting people’s lives back. Simultaneously, our founder and many of our associates have been respected leaders in the public adjusting profession on both national and state levels since the early 1990’s.  We have regularly been invited to consult with state and national legislative bodies to help write regulations governing the industry of public adjusting. Altieri has long been recognized as good stewards of the public adjusting profession.  They are now a second-generation company, that have the means and quality personnel to continue its look forward into the next 30 years of service for the insured public. Altieri Insurance Consultants should be your choice of representation because they care about their client outcomes, their profession, and they look forward to participating in a sustained vibrant insurance industry for decades to come.

With strict Florida licensing requirements in place, Altieri Insurance Consultants adjusters each submitted to background checks performed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, are bonded, and attend Continuing Education seminars annually to stay current with changes in adjusting laws, regulations, and cases decided by insurance litigation to better serve our clients. This dedication to excellence demonstrates that Altieri Insurance Consultants adjusters are some of the most qualified professionals you can hire throughout the United States. Further, the careers of our Founder and associates provide you with decades of experience in the property adjusting field. We are all active members of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) and the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA). Four associates have been elected president of FAPIA, while our Chairman became President of the National Association in 2011. Our Chairman has also earned the designation and is recognized by NAPIA as a Certified Professional Public Adjuster, CPPA and our Chief Claims Officer has attained the professional designation of Senior Professional Public Adjuster (SPPA). Our firm’s representatives have been chosen to sit on the Boards of each association. In addition, our members are leaders in the field of public insurance adjusting statewide and nationally, through participation at the highest levels of government relating to the ethical oversight and governance of our industry. Our personal high standards, industry devotion, and reputation for achieving exemplary client settlements have made us one of the most respected firms in the country.

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