Hail can damage the exterior of a structure in several ways depending on the material it strikes.  Some of this damage can lead to interior water damage.  Large enough hail stones can be so destructive that they actually penetrate through plywood roof decks, sometimes even breaking truss systems of buildings.  Other hail will simply dent metal surfaces or rip window screens.  In any event, when hail strikes your property, it will take a keen eye and experience to know how to identify those materials adversely affected by the hail to be able to make claim. 

Allowing insurance company adjusters and their experts to make coverage determinations may not place you in the most advantageous position to collect.  Use the professional services of Altieri Insurance Consultants to assist you in the identification and quantification of hail damage to assure a thorough, complete insurance recovery.

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Once an event occurs, we stick to the recovery plan and create a roadmap to a proper claim settlement.

The Public Adjusters at Altieri Insurance Consultants represent and guide you through the complicated insurance claims process.

You wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer, don’t go into a claim without a public adjuster. We represent you, not the insurance company; and make sure you get paid accurately and fairly based on what your policy dictates.

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