Our team has worked every major hurricane since 1988. Over the last 3 storms we’ve worked 50 condo buildings and recovered more than $500 million for our clients. Here are some examples of our work!

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Case Study : Hurricane Irma

Original Offer from insurance company


Altieri Settled


During Hurricane Irma, a community of luxury condominiums with 87-two-and three-story buildings, had their cement tile roofs damaged. The insurer proposed to replace only 5 of the 87 roofs and would “spot repair” the remaining roofs with the old tiles. No spot or patch repair would be acceptable so the Board hired Altieri Insurance Consultants, who began their own investigation and process. 

Case Study : Fire

Altieri Settled


The largest privately owned circuit board manufacturer in the world, sustained two major fires, at the same plant, within one year’s time. The CEO hired Altieri Insurance Consultants after the second fire. In just a few months, Altieri had the second fire claim paid in the millions of dollars, then was hired to resolve the first claim for all proper amounts. 

Losses for building, equlpment, raw materials, finlshed goods, furnlture, fixtures, personal property, and Income all resolved, re-establishing the profitable operations of the manufacturer.

Case Study : Hurricane Michael condominium

Original Offer from insurance company


Altieri Settled


A condominium complex in Panama City Beach, with two 18 story towers was significantly damaged by Hurricane Michael in October 2018. The insurance company deployed countless “experts” then by misapplying coverage, and ignoring significant areas of damage, indicated they only owed $4,000,000.00. Altieri reversed the carrier’s misapplied coverage, then used drone and other complicated technology, driving the insurer to pay $16,000,000.00 allowing this association appropriate funding to rebuild.

Case Study : BURST PIPES

Original Offer from insurance company


Altieri Settled


A family returned home from vacation to find the interior of their home under 8 inches of water. A pipe had broken in the ceiling. The insurance company recommended a restoration contractor and offered $67,000.00 total for the claim. Altieri was engaged as the losses were more substantial and through our investigation and work the client accepted a settlement offer of $403,000.00 and was made whole.

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