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Time element coverages- Loss of income, loss of rent, extra expense,

Time Element coverage: Loss of Income; business interruption & Loss of Rents; Extra Expense

Any business that suffers severe damage may see operations temporarily or permanently suspended.  This circumstance will immediately cause high levels of uncertainty even for the most astute business owner.  Let the professionals at Altieri Insurance Consultants provide the educated guidance of what to do first and how to proceed from there.  Altieri’s record of dealing with disaster, leading businesses through the chaos and confusion, has led many to suggest that we “are worth our weight in gold!”  It is not just the superior financial recovery we provide, but it is also the process employed.  

Altieri Insurance Consultants employs licensed adjusters who are also accountants.  These professionals have honed special financial analysis skills working in accounting capacities in previous careers and are extremely skilled in historical income trend analysis and calculating income loss projection to the insurance company forensic accounting teams to arrive at settlement opportunities for our clients.  These financial presentations capture the income loss caused by the business interruption insurance claims and supplies our clients with a payment of the income they would have realized had no loss occurred.

While we generate successful settlement results, it is the calm deliberate thought applied with a sense of direction to the claims process that allows business owners to concentrate on planning their business recovery while we take care of the claim details.

Depending on the type of business we represent, we identify many options for those business owners to resume operations, even temporarily from alternative locations (and get the insurance company to pay for that relocation), while the claim process proceeds.  Maintaining a customer base, keeping employees working, preserving the ability to perform under previously established contractual obligations with customers, saving relationships with critical customers, are our focus as we develop alternative means for business interruption insurance claims to resume.  

We realize you are not in the business of making claims, therefore it is your business perpetuation and survival that is of primary concern to the adjusters at Altieri.  We will confirm the claim to those vital needs.

We form strategies beyond conventional thought, to achieve business resumption, while collecting under the insurance policy to its fullest. Who is doing that for you?

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As licensed Public Insurance Adjusters, we represent insurance policyholders through the insurance claims process. Through our licensing we are able to assist commercial and residential property owners following any type of catastrophic event including hurricanes, fires, pipebreaks, tornados or anything else that may cause property damage.

We also provide the following services:
– Preparing detailed damage reports
– Creating estimates & contents inventories
– Loss of Income, Extra Expense, and other Time Element evaluations
– Policy reviews & coverage analysis
– Appraisal services
– Mediation & Litigation support
– Roof & building envelope inspections
– Insurance estimate reviews & evaluations
– Pre-Loss coverage review
– Hurricane Contingency Planning
– FEMA consulting

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