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Airport hangars & marinas

Airport hangars and boat marinas can be susceptible to all kinds of damage, from fire to high winds, to chemical spills effected structures and technical equipment and to surging flood waters damaging docks.

In an airport claim handled by Altieri Insurance Consultants, multiple hangars had their mechanically installed overhead fire suppression systems misfire overnight, filling hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of hangar space in a matter of minutes. These hangars also housed dozens of vintage airplanes and complex equipment used in the maintenance of their aircraft. This caustic fire suppression chemical foam was a disaster of the worst kind to mitigate and remove as it broke down gradually into liquid causing quite a bit of damage.

While handling a hurricane claim for the largest marina in the islands off the coast of Florida, Altieri personnel collected millions of dollars in damage sustained for the marina’s docks, slips, and buildings. Docks service boats, as a hotel would service a guest. They are fully equipped with all utilities necessary including power, cable television, water, and the like.

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