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Fires can be a devastating event for anyone to go through, emotionally and financially. Once the smoke clears, what do you do next?

The natural tendency is for people to immediately try to get back to normal by starting on cleaning, demolition, and repairs. There are many types of businesses (contractors, agents, adjusters), that will encourage you to do that; you must resist the natural urge because you are working against yourself. Any demolition or cleaning can remove the evidence that you need to prove how damaged your property is to an insurance company.

Some examples of damages that will be present include:

All of these factors converge to leave owners of a home, building, and personal property with complex decisions to be made regarding how to remedy this catastrophic dilemma.

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Barbara Phelps and her husband Bill suffered a fire at their home and describe how Altieri helped guide them through the fire damage claims.

Fire Damage claims can be a complex, emotional rollercoaster for homeowners. We eliminate the chaos and utilize the policy to provide a focused and organized plan for recovery.   

Do not let the recovery be worse than the disaster itself.  

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