Water damage claims come from many areas of concern:

  • Above: Rain
  • Below: Ground, sewer, drains
  • Within: Pipe break 


Depending on your policy, these circumstances above may not be covered by your insurance policy or may even be capped at a very low dollar amount. One thing is for sure, the insurance company will want to know how this happened, to determine if they will pay you on the claim.

Words matter. And nowhere in the claims process do words matter more than in a water claim. How you describe your circumstance, no matter how innocent it may be, could mean the difference between collecting thousands of dollars or having your claim denied.

For instance, if a pipe breaks in your home, and you wake up to 6 inches of water throughout the house and you call it a flood, flood is not a covered peril. However, a pipe break with water damage is covered. Do not let mistaken terminology sink your claim.

Water brings many complexities to damage, depending on the materials it effects. Issues will arise such as mold, shrinkage, swelling, wicking, corrosion, rot, and staining from a “simple” water loss.

This is why it is vital to engage with the professionals at Altieri who know how to identify these damages when a loss arises.

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Hurricane Sally Client Testimonial

Pat Schibline of Indigo Condo Association, talks about why his board brought in Altieri Insurance Consultants as their Public Adjuster to represent their board through the claims process following Hurricane Sally. The board consisted of architects and engineers, but they needed the expertise of the Altieri adjusting team to have a timely, accurate, and appropriate claim settlement.

“Getting them involved early in the process helped us be able to weather the insurance storm, after the initial storm”

Altieri provides:

  •  Experienced Public Adjusting services
  •  Claim reviews
  •  Hurricane Preparedness & Disaster Recovery Planning classes
  •  Continuing Education credits for Condo Association managers (CAMs)
  • Property Damage evaluations
  •  Business Interruption forensic accounting
  •  FEMA Consulting Services
  • Policy evaluations and risk consulting

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