Altieri Insurance Consultants has handled hundreds of retail stores and operations over its decades of community service.  Our firm’s experience includes handling claims for large grocery chains, pharmacies, clothiers, automotive parts stores, to individually owned mom and pop shops. 

We assist business owners by quantifying building damage, stock inventories, fixtures and equipment, loss of income, and any other available coverages within the insurance policies. 

Many times we are able to help clients resume operations off premises by utilizing the business insurance policy to fund temporary relocation costs until their primary location has been rebuilt or replaced.  

Retail owners engage Altieri to handle all matters related to their insurance claim, while they focus on re-opening their stores, preserving their customer base, and retaining employees as the claim is brought towards successful conclusion and payment.

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What we do

Helping you recover after the storm

Exterior damages? Partial replacements?

Fire and Smoke damage, from repair to replacement.

From pipe breaks to flooding, we can help.