Hurricane Ian Estimates for Insurance Companies

More than 4,700 complaints filed against insurers post-Hurricane Ian, more than half a year after Hurricane Ian, and families and businesses are still struggling to repair their properties. what’s taking so long?

After Hurricane Ian, reports of tension between independent adjusters and insurance companies have been revealed. Many estimations for damages caused by the storm were reduced without consent from Independent Adjusters, who remained listed as authors on those insufficient claims sent to policyholders! It’s been six months since the aftermath of this catastrophic natural disaster, and homeowners and business owners are still struggling to get back on their feet. 

 After submitting the estimate to those in claims management authority for payment, several independent adjusters have complained to the Department of Financial Services and testified in Florida legislative hearings that their field estimates have been drastically reduced in scope and amount.  

It is alleged that the claims management personnel, aka Insurance Companies, whom these field adjusters report to, strip covered damage allocations from the estimates, then send the severely reduced estimates out to the insured property owners, misrepresenting the field adjuster’s findings.  This practice to reduce estimates by independent adjusters are conducted by office staff who have never been to the property to see the damage firsthand.


For far too long, devastating events like hurricanes have revealed insurers’ lack of commitment to what’s right–from Katrina in ’05 through today. Instead of trust, policyholders are met with heartbreaking betrayal time and again.

Unsurprisingly, many people turn to Professional Public Insurance Adjusters for help with their property claims. These highly-trained experts are licensed, bonded, and have undergone an FBI background check – they are strictly on the policyholder’s side when dealing with insurance companies. They become your personal adjuster who can ensure that insurers don’t take advantage of you during a claim, ensuring all damages are paid in full as per agreement!


Insurance carriers may advertise to be “good neighbors” or promise you’re in “good hands,” but do they actually follow through? Who needs enemies when friends can’t always be trusted?


When you suffer major damage to your home or business, DON’T GO IT ALONE!  Retain the services of a professional public adjuster to assist you in preparing, presenting, and adjusting your claim.  You will be grateful beyond reproach that you made that decision when it is all said and done.

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