Tornado Damage

Wind & Tornado

High winds can create damage to a structure and its surrounding property.  With straight-line winds also comes wind-blown debris. Some of the resulting damage will be obvious, but much of it can be subtle in nature, such as lifted shingles, bent gutters, pulled siding, cracked window glazing, and displaced fencing.  It takes a keenly trained eye to recognize the effects.

Tornado damage is typically more geographically concentrated than your standard winds, however it is much more powerful in its structural devastation.

With intense structural damage comes the need for high level expertise in engineering, reconstruction, and claims recovery strategies.  A building owner must engage the services of a trained professional to be certain their insurer considers all damages sustained.

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MOUNT Tabor Church Tornado TESTIMONIAL

Matt Gilmore explains how Altieri Insurance Consultants was able to help him and his church recover following a tornado in Lakeland in 2019.

As his Public Adjuster, we were able to advocate and represent the church throughout the claims process and expedite the recovery.

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