Having a flood damage your property is nothing like incurring any other type of damage and is nothing like trying to make a claim recovery from a typical insurance company.

Flood claims are basically handled by the National Flood Insurance Program. This is our federal government in action. The flood insurance policies are much more restrictive than a typical property insurance policy regardless if your building involved is a commercial or residential structure.

In general terms, your coverage is for what is damaged within the exterior walls of your structure, what is touched by the flood water only, and must be individually listed and insured as such on your flood insurance policy. Also, no living or relocation expenses are provided while you are displaced from your property.

Examples of above: any structural item not within the exterior walls of the perimeter of the building is not covered; a kitchen’s base cabinets damaged by flood waters would be eligible for payment- while the wall cabinets not touched by the flood waters would not be considered for payment; and a detached garage or shed would not be covered if not separately individually listed on the policy as being insured. Nor would a building’s contents be covered unless specifically listed and insured on the policy as such and be located inside the building insured.

It takes competent and dedicated professional adjusters to wade through flood claim bureaucracy to assure a policyholder of maximum payment.

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Joey Cope, Condo Association Manager for Vanderbilt Country Club in Naples describes his positive experience using Altieri Insurance Consultlants to handle his association’s Hurricane Irma claims.

We were able to identify additional damages several roofing and exterior contractors missed, and were able to get them a proper settlement to make all the repairs to his complex.

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