Raymond Altieri III Named to the National Association Officer Ladder

National Association Officer Ladder

On June 16, 2023, in Nashville, Tennessee, the membership of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) voted Raymond Altieri III, to its Officer’s Ladder at their Annual Convention, making Ray Altieri III the association’s Secretary.


Ray spent two 3-year terms on the association’s Board of Directors before ascending to the Officer’s Ladder, where he is expected to become President of the association in 2030.  In being awarded this achievement by his industry peers, Ray follows his father, Raymond Altieri Jr, CPPA, who became President of NAPIA in 2011.  Ray Altieri Jr. is the only public insurance adjuster from Florida to become President of the national association, which was founded in 1951, and now his son, Ray III, will follow in those footsteps.


Ray III’s career started in 2003 when he became a public insurance adjuster working for Altieri Insurance Consultants.  His 20 years of professional experience saw him work in many capacities that make up the job description of a professional public insurance adjuster.  During his career, Ray has adjusted many losses for policyholders and has risen within the company to become its top Business Development and Marketing Specialist.  These achievements allowed Ray to transition into becoming part of the Altieri Management team at a young age, where he eventually became a shareholder in 2019.


Today, Ray is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Altieri Insurance Consultants, as he partners with Chief Operating Officer-Kevin Kimball; Chief Claims Officer-Andrew Knox; and his brother, Executive Vice President-Frank Altieri, in managing the daily business of the firm.


Historically, the Altieri’s have long been involved with the advancement and preservation of professional public insurance adjusting.  With Ray Altieri III at NAPIA and Frank Altieri serving as an Officer of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, we are proud to say that the Altieri commitment to the profession of public adjusting will continue for decades to come.

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