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Property Managers are essential to the successful operation of the commercial and residential properties they service. Performing regular business duties at the highest of levels every day for one or hundreds of owners, is a daunting task in and of itself. Add to this mix a physical disaster to the buildings PM’s service and you can bet anxiety levels will become overwhelming.

Altieri Insurance Consultants is the Property Manager’s professional expert and partner to turn to during times of property damage. Whether your buildings suffer hurricane or tornado damage, fire or burst pipes effecting multiple units or floors, Altieri is the relief outlet you must reach for to handle the property insurance claim that is about to be made. When hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are at stake, use the professionals at Altieri to bring insurance recovery to your building.

Eliminate chaos, uncertainty, and the wishful thinking that an insurance company has your best interests at heart. Take affirmative action by hiring your dedicated professional to lead your property through the claims process to successfully resolve a trying situation.

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Elevate Your Expertise with Altieri Insurance Consultants

Altieri Insurance Consultants is licensed to offer continuing education courses specifically designed for Condominium Association Managers (CAMs). Our courses are crafted to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge essential for your professional growth.

Our Courses

1. Hurricane Claims – What Every Manager and Board Member Needs to Know!
1 Hour Toward IFM or ELE
This class covers crucial information on hurricane preparedness and recovery, ensuring you are equipped to handle the aftermath of a hurricane efficiently.

2. Handling Property Insurance Claims – Do’s and Don’ts
2 Hours Towards OPS or ELE
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the best practices in handling property insurance claims. Learn what to do and what to avoid to streamline the claims process and achieve better outcomes.

Flexible Learning Options

Our classes are available both in person and via Zoom, allowing you to choose the format that best fits your schedule and learning style.

Additional Offerings

In addition to our CAM-focused courses, we offer specialized seminars and classes for:

  • Association Boards
  • Law Firms
  • Management Companies
  • Professional Organizations

Expand your knowledge and skills with our expert-led educational programs tailored to your needs.

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We are licensed to offer continuing education classes via Zoom or in-person.

Contact us to set up a class or to join our next webinar!

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