All Altieri Insurance Consultant’s Public Insurance Adjusters are individually licensed by the Florida State Department of Financial Services to work for you, as your personalized adjuster on property insurance claims. With the exeption of attorneys at law, insurance adjusters are the only licensed professionals authorized by the State of Florida to represent your interest, on your claim, to your insurance company.

This exclusive capability described above, representing a policyholder on their property insurance claim to their insurance company of certifications, comes with strict state government oversight to be certain that only properly qualified people are available to the insured public to perform this valuable service.*

With strict Florida licensing requirements in place, Altieri Insurance Consultant’s adjusters each submitted to background checks performed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, are bonded, and attend Continuing Education seminars annually to stay current with changes in adjusting laws, regulations, and cases decided by insurance litigation to better serve our clients. This dedication to excellence demonstrates that Altieri Insurance Consultant’s adjusters are some of the most qualified professionals you can hire throughout the United States.

Further, the careers of our President and associates provide you with decades of experience in the property adjusting field. We are all active members of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA), the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA), and the Council of Property Claim Professionals, Inc.

Four associates have been elected president of FAPIA, while our Chief Executive Officer became President of the National Association in 2011.

Our CEO has also earned the designation and is recognized by NAPIA as a Certified Professional Public Adjuster, CPPA.

Our firm’s representatives have been chosen to sit on the Boards of each association & certification.

certified public adjusters
certified public adjusters

In addition, our members are leaders in the field of public insurance adjusting statewide and nationally, through participation at the highest levels of government relating to the ethical oversight and governance of our industry.

Our personal high standards, industry devotion, and reputation for achieving exemplary client settlements, have made us one of the most respected firms in the country.