Don’t let the claim recovery be worse than the disaster itself. We advocate for you, the policyholder. Condominium & Property Management companies deal with a variety of claims. Don’t let the recovery be worse than the disaster itself. Making sure your investors assets are protected and tenants are happy is our top priority. We manage the entire claims process and handle all communications with the carrier, boards, ownership, vendors and make sure everyone is informed and properly taken care of.


Condo Associations dealing with property damage, especially after a hurricane need a responsive, communicative, knowledgagebale partner to aid in recovery. Our team has worked more than 150 Hurricane claims for condo associations over the last 3 years. We hadnle communication with the carrier, individual unit owners, boards, and vendors to ensure a proper and timely claim settlement. Let us deal with the claims process so you don’t have to.


No matter what type of property you manage, it’s susceptible to property damage. A proper, timely financial recovery is extremely important to all parties involved. Make sure you have proper guidance and representation throughout the process.


If you suffered a loss at an apartment or rental property, you need the professional guidance to assist you in recovering all that you’re entitled to under your policy. Don’t let your asset diminish in value, recover all that you can to make the necessary repairs and get tenants back in as soon as safely possible.


Whether it’s industrial, retail, warehouse, agricultural or mixed use, our team makes sure you, and your client’s interest are protected following a loss. A timely, proper claim settlement is essential to getting your tenants back in, and protecting the asset value.