Fire Damage
Fire Damage Claim Assistance

Fire damage to homes, businesses, and property can be extensive and difficult to recover from. Fires can start at practically anytime and anyplace due to a variety of reasons. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the most common causes of household fires are cooking, heating equipment, electrical faults/issues, smoking, and candles. There are also a variety of seasonal and regional risks that may increase the likelihood of a fire occurring. For example, lightning strikes are known to cause fires and here in the local Tampa Bay area, lightning strikes are a common occurrence that are difficult to predict.

Fires can cause serious damage, including structural damage, to any structure it is in contact with. The heat and smoke generated by the flames, as well as water that is used to extinguish the fire, can severely damage a building. At Altieri Insurance Consultants, we understand the extent of damage that can be caused by a fire; we have the capabilities to assist our clients with filing an insurance claim and the process that follows. As certified public insurance adjusters, we have our clients best interests at heart and we will work to get a swift and substantial payout for our clients so that they can rebuild.