Justin Smith

Justin Smith

Justin Smith joined Altieri Insurance Consultants as a Personal Property Inventory Specialist in 2017.  Justin’s energy, willingness to learn, and focus for detail, are his strengths, which make him a valued employee at Altieri Insurance Consultants.  

Justin’s desire to succeed and broaden his skill level has generated the opportunity for him to also become an important member of our claim response team performing building damage estimating evaluation projects.  Justin shares an eagerness to assist people in despair and performs at a high level of efficiency.  

Developing skills to evaluate both personal property and building losses has allowed Justin to become an important component in the overall evaluation process for Altieri clients and adjusters. He is ready to go at a moment’s notice and quick to respond on scene of newly engaged clients.  Justin is often a new client’s first interaction with Altieri personnel after engaging our service and we are proud to have him represent the company during those important moments.

Justin’s sincerity, patience, and courteous nature bring comfort to a grieving homeowner who has lost most, if not all of their belongings, to any given disaster.  Justin’s deliberate approach helps afflicted policyholders, begin the process of putting the pieces back together on paper as he assists them by rebuilding their inventory of destroyed goods line by line, many times creating documents with hundreds or thousands of line items totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement cost.

Prior to joining Altieri, Justin managed a 40-employee crew of detailers for one of Tampa Bay’s most renown car dealerships.

Justin is married has a daughter, a stepdaughter, and two sons.  He is an avid golfer, hockey, and softball player.