William Aultman II

William Aultman II

William Aultman II is a Florida state-licensed public insurance adjuster and began his tenure with Altieri Insurance Consultants as a trusted associate in April of 2020.


William graduated from the Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University in 2013 and specialized in management, aviation, and sustainability. He is a licensed commercial multi engine pilot and is rated for instrument flight in all weather conditions.


Over the next 7 years, William honed his foundation and skills in aviation, logistics, construction, and insurance, becoming an integral source of relief for clients devastated by Hurricane Irma in 2017, Hurricane Michael in 2018, and many smaller disasters throughout Northeast Florida.


William committed himself to ethical and principled adjusting practices to reach accurate settlement resolutions resulting in millions of dollars of recovery for his clients.


His professional skills, experiences, and magnanimous personality were a perfect match for Altieri Insurance Consultants’ adjusting principals and passion in servicing their clients suffering from calamity and uncertainty.


“Winners win in the Wind” is a motto that William lives by. He believes wholeheartedly that each client deserves a fair fight when faced with a difficult loss that has uprooted their lives and perseveres against all adversity to ensure his clients are not left to weather the elements alone in an industry where the odds are heavily in the favor of large insurers.


William’s attention to detail and unyielding determination in serving his clients is a testament to his strength in the industry as a respected property claims expert.


William is married and has been blessed with a young son that he strives to serve as a beacon of virtue in a world rife with crisis. When he is not helping people who have lost their properties to fire, flood, or other disaster, you can find him deep in a book, or at a park or beach creating meaningful memories with his son.