Water damage can be caused for a variety of reasons including flooding, hail, burst pipes, malfunctioning equipment, ice, and more. The most serious water damage usually occurs when there is flooding. This is because flooding can cause structural damage, electronic damage, and create health/safety issues. Here in Florida, especially in parts of Tampa Bay, flooding is a common occurrence after large storms such as hurricanes and/or days of heavy rainfall. This is primarily due to a relatively low land elevation (relative to sea level), thus increasing the risk of flooding. Water damage from plumbing/equipment malfunctions can also be significant. Although damage related to hail and ice is less common in Florida, they are still capable of serious damage to vulnerable structures.

Water damage can be serious and may even require an insurance claim to be filed. At Altieri Insurance Consultants, we understand the extent of damage that can be caused by water damage. As certified public insurance adjusters, we have our clients best interests at heart and we will work to get a swift and substantial payout for our clients so that they can rebuild.