Crisis Management Services

The Impact We Make For You

Crisis management services offered by Altieri Insurance Consultants are comprehensive and custom solutions catered to meet the needs of individuals and their businesses.

Crisis Management in Action: Before an Event

Altieri Insurance Consultants:

  1. Offers comprehensive risk management solutions by evaluating various risk factors and their potential effects of different negative events on your home, business, and/or property. Our professionals are able to provide accurate, useful, and practical risk management assessments and suggestions to our clients.

2. Develops risk management solutions that involve the detailing of preventative measures, insurance policies, safety/security plans, and the establishment communication amongst colleagues and employees.

Crisis Management in Action: After an Event

Altieri Insurance Consultants:

  1. Provides immediate aid and support to the property owner.
  2. Provides immediate direction as to what to do now and what happens next.
  3. Helps the policyholder fulfill obligations mandated by the insurance policy.
  4. Implements reasonable and necessary emergency service strategy.
  5. Prevents wasteful spending of unreasonable mitigation money.
  6. Preserves the damage to use as evidence in proving your claim.
  7. Photos the scene to capture much of the damage moments after the loss.
  8. Recommends the preservation of valuables that are in the structure.
  9. Arranges options for new temporary living/workplace quarters.
  10. Recommends against premature hiring of contractors until the damages, specifications, and cost of the job are agreed to and paid for by the carrier.
  11. Makes advance payment requests from the carrier to ease the financial burden of initial expenses caused by the calamity.
  12. Insurance policy analysis begins to understand your coverage
  13. Building damage investigation begins
  14. Contents inventory inspections and count begin


  1. You have a place to stay
  2. Your property is secure
  3. Your damage is ready for inspection by the insurance company
  4. You have trained professionals advancing your cause

Most Importantly:

  1. You can focus on business and family needs while we handle the claim obligations and details.
  2. You have experienced a sense of relief, comfort, stability, and confidence to know…You will recover…You will get through this successfully.

Take Control of Your Property and Your Claim

Let Altieri Insurance Consultants help you make educated decisions in the immediate aftermath of loss rather than having the insurance company make those same decisions for you.

To further demonstrate the positive impact made by Altieri Insurance Consultants adjusters for our clients, the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA), the evaluation and policy research office of the Florida Legislature, conducted a study in 2009 regarding the effectiveness of public adjusters for Florida’s property insurance consumers. The amazing result made by us, as professionals, is chronicled in the highlights of this report